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E- Mail Contacts of MPMA Chapter Representatives


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National Association Email Address


President@montfordpointmarines.org Mr. Forest Spencer
Vice_President@montfordpointmarines.org Mr. Eric Nelson
NationalSecretary@montfordpointmarines.org Mrs. Carmen Cole
FinanceSecretary@montfordpointmarines.org Mrs. Lynette Bush
Treasurysecretary@montfordpointmarines.org Mrs. Alfreda Carmichael
PublicRelations@montfordpointmarines.org Mr. Joe Geeter III, PNP
Info@montfordpointmarines.org Mr. Gilbert Taylor (*)
Awards@montfordpointmarines.org Mr. William Hosea (*)
Scholarships@montfordpointmarines.org Mr. James Maillard
SpecialProjects@montfordpointmarines.org Mr. Preston Malone
Sergeantatarms@montfordpointmarines.org Mr. Robert Alridge
VPSouthernRegion@montfordpointmarines.org Mr. Fred Codes
WesternRegionVP@montfordpointmarines.org Mr. Mike Johnson
NorthernRegionVP@montfordpointmarines.org Mr. James Maillard
CentralRegionVP@montfordpointmarines.org Mrs. Sharon Stokes-Perry
Chaplain@montfordpointmarines.org Mr. James Moore (*)
ConventionDirector@montfordpointmarines.org Mr. Ronald Johnson (*)
DeputyConventionDirector@montfordpointmarines.org Mrs. Devona Cherry (*)
JournalDirector@montfordpointmarines.org Ms. Cynthia L. House (*)
MuseumDirector@montfordpointmarines.org Mr. Houston Shinal (*)
MonumentDirector@montfordpointmarines.org Mr. Houston Shinal (*)
CommitteeChair@montfordpointmarines.org Mr. Edwward Sutton (*)
Parliamentarian@montfordpointmarines.org Mr. Vincent T. C. Williams
DeputyParliamentarian@montfordpointmarines.org Ms. Melanie Young (*)
CeremonialDirector@montfordpointmarines.org Mr. John Hood (*)
ResolutionChair@montfordpointmarines.org Vacant (*)
CredentialsDirector@montfordpointmarines.org Vacant (*)
LegislativeOfficer@montfordpointmarines.org Mr. Joe Geeter III, PNP (*)
ByLawsChair@montfordpointmarines.org Vacant (*)
Historian@montfordpointmarines.org Rev Shannon Sabsook (*)
VeteransAffairs@montfordpointmarines.org Mr. Robert Lewis
Liaisonofficer@montfordpointmarines.org Mrs. Rochelle Crump (*)
Quartermaster@montfordpointmarines.org Mr. Elijah Abram (*)
Fundraisingdirector@montfordpointmarines.org Mr. James Carr (*)

(*) Indicates Appointed Positions


To Check your NMPMA email click here


National Executive Committee and Council



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Visit Los Angeles Chapter 8 website for local events

Visit Camp Lejeune Chapter 10 website for local events

Vist San Diego California Chapter 12 website for local events

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Visit Tidewater, Virginia, Chapter 14 (Facebook) for local events

Visit Indianapolis, Chapter 21 Facebook site for local events

Visit Louisville Kentucky, Chapter 22 website for local events

Visit Maryland Chapter 28 website for local events

Visit Quantico Chapter 32 web site for local events

Visit Cherry Point, NC Chapter 36 website for local events

Visit Detroit Michigan Chapter website for local events


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Other Military and Marine Organization Sites

The Men of Montford Point, The First Black Marines www.geocities.com/nubiansong/montford.htm

The Joe Foss Institute was established to honor Joe Foss a Medal of Honor recipient and a fighter pilot and WWII hero. Please visit their site at www.thefossinstitute.org

United States Marine Corps Official Site - http://www.usmc.mil

Marine Corps League - www.MCLeague.com

Marine Corps Association - www.mca-marines.org

Leatherneck Magazine - www.mca-marines.org/leatherneck/index.htm




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To construct a fitting memorial to honor the 20,000 African American Marines who fought for the "Right to Fight” and to educate and inspire youth and Marines (Past / Present / Future) and instill the value of perseverance.

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The United States Marine Corps only selects the best and the brightest to join its ranks, just like the players selected for the Semper Fidelis All-American Bowl. The Marine Corps partners with a third-party recruiting professional to select elite high-school athletes for the Semper Fidelis All-American Bowl. In addition to being among the top-rated football players in the nation, the selection process is also dedicated to choosing players

Semper Fidelis All American Bowl


Contributing sponsors for the Congressional Gold Medal Bronze Replicas

MCA&F recognizes Marine excellence in a wide range of endeavors and in particular supports the development of critical thinking in military affairs. MCA&F sponsors several types of writing awards to encourage Marines to disseminate ideas and explore issues to improve the Corps.

Tawani Foundation’s vision is to affect significant transformation of organizations and educational programs that enrich knowledge, preserve military heritage, improve health and wellness and conserve unique sites for enduring positive impact on individuals, communities and societies.

OUR MISSION:  To encourage the spiritual, moral, intellectual and physical development of children through education. This Foundation was formed in February of 1995 by former Marines and law enforcement personnel who strongly believe that our nation's most precious resource is its youth.

Marine FCU was chartered in April of 1959. Our humble beginnings … a chicken-wired area in one of the warehouses aboard Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune, North Carolina. Under the watchful eye of our volunteer Board of Directors, we have grown to be a large, full service institution dedicated to the financial success of our members and a proud civic partner in our community. You can count on us!


** Monument Contribution **

The Marine Corps Veterans Association serves Marines current and past, those who survived and those who did not, those still injured and those doing well. We look out for our Marines, and we remind all Americans to honor the awesome sacrifices Marines made for them. This Association has made a charitable contribution towards the MPMA Memorial Fund.




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The Veterans History Project collects, preserves, and makes accessible the personal accounts of American war veterans so that future generations may hear directly from veterans and better understand the realities of war. Created and authorized by Congress, the Veterans History Project received unanimous support in the House and Senate and was signed into law on October 27, 2000.


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During a demonstration while training at Montford Point, Cpl Arvin L. "Tony" Ghazlo, instructor in unarmed combat, disarms his assistant, PFC Ernest Jones. National Archives Photo 127-N-5334
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Pictures of African Americans During World War II

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