The Montford Point Marines Final Roll Call - is a commemorative booklet that lists the names, photos, thoughts and comments of many of the living Original Marines that were trained at Montford Point Camp from 1942 through 1949.

product image 2The booklet's purpose is to promote national recognition of the Montford Point Marines for their contribution and loyalty to our Country, and the United States Marine Corps

The booklet contains a directory of names, addresses, and Marine Corps units served, and whenever possible pictures are included.


The Final Roll Call Commemorative booklet will be unveiled at the 2004 Annual National Convention held in Washington DC. This convention will also have a very special tribute to the Montford Point Marines.

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The Marines of Montford Point
America's First Black Marines

by Melton A. McLaurin

Click here to view more on the First Black MarinesDrawing from interviews with 60 veterans, The Marines of Montford Point relates the experiences of these pioneers in their own words. From their stories, we learn about their reasons for enlisting; their arrival at Montford Point and the training they received there; their lives in a segregated military and in the Jim Crow South; their experiences of combat and service in World War II, Korea, and Vietnam; and their legacy. The Marines speak with flashes of anger and humor, sometimes with sorrow, sometimes with great wisdom, and always with a pride fostered by incredible accomplishment in the face of adversity. This book serves to recognize and to honor the men who desegregated the Marine Corps and loyally served their country in three major wars.

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Marines of Montford Point: Fighting for Freedom


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Step by step you led the way
Your hardship and sacrifice gave dawning to a brighter day.
Your life, your death, your screams, your tears
may have been long ago, but remembered through the years.

You made it this far,
but lost many along the way.
So many unknown names and faces
became the stepping stones for us in these high places.

Those of you that are left
don’t think you are a faded memory.
We remember your past
and what you did to set us free.

Montford Point Marines
we all stand and salute you.
For giving without being asked
for doing what was right and true.

The opportunity may not come around
when we can repay our debt,
but let our accomplishments and success
make you have no regrets.

Let us walk forward together
young and old Marines side by side,
and fight whatever battles may come
wearing our Eagle, Globe and Anchor with pride!

                                                                                                                                                   Glynis A. Harvey
  SSgt, USMC Ret



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The MPMA Memorial Project is an unofficial civilian-based public collaboration project inspired by the First Annual Banquet & Awards Ceremony, themed "Preserving the Legacy" on Oct 10th, 2009 in Atlanta, GA by the Montford Point Marine Association, Inc.

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During a demonstration while training at Montford Point, Cpl Arvin L. "Tony" Ghazlo, instructor in unarmed combat, disarms his assistant, PFC Ernest Jones. National Archives Photo 127-N-5334
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Pictures of African Americans During World War II

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